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This is Where Multimedia Translation Services Come in Handy

With the world becoming fast-paced, the majority of people tend to watch visuals such as images or videos instead of reading a text. Moreover, studies have shown that the audiences are interactive faster with the audio-visual contents and more effectively than texts.

Hence, multimedia has been highly embraced by business corporates and has also become an effective means of communication between businesses and their customers. However, a lot of businesses encounter problems when they try to expand their businesses abroad as their content is not written in their target audience’s native language.

  • Translation Experts offers you Multimedia translation services that help you expand your business globally by speaking your target locale’s native language.
  • Our language experts provide you with high-quality translation to whatever multimedia content you desire.
  • We preserve your brand’s identity while taking into consideration cultural differences during the process of translation.
  • We maintain high quality translation standards while committing to your desired deadline.

Our team of professional translators offer you a wide variety of multimedia translation services in various areas including:

Dubbing Services

Dubbing is one of the most popular Multimedia services. It is the post-production process in which the voice of the original medium is substituted with a voice speaking in a foreign language. Dubbing features adapting the audio-visual materials into the language of your target audience.

Our team of language experts carry out the process of writing down the transcription of the multimedia content, translating it into the target language, choosing the suitable voice professional to record the translated content, and making sure that the translated dubbing is synchronized with the original speech.

Voice-over Services

In voice-over, we provide you with native-speaking voice actors who speak in the background of a video in order to transfer the original message to your target marketplace. We have a wide panel of (Male & Female) talented voice-over actors with a lot of varieties for choosing the best accent that fits your project.

Our voice-over experts work in highly-equipped sound studios for providing you with a high-quality sound content that is also linguistically accurate.

Subtitling Services

Subtitles is the art of translating visual content dialogues in foreign languages to your native language, taking into consideration converting the complicated language structures and implicit meanings to your language without losing the meaning of the original dialogue.

Productionally, it is the process of adding synced captions at the bottom of visual materials. Subtitles can be written in the speaker’s original language or translated into a target audience’s language.

At Trans Expert, we provide high-quality Subtitling services that deliver the original message of your business to your target market.

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