Arabic Language

Your Gate to the Middle East

Your Gate to the Middle East

The Arabic language is the major language used in the Middle East as it is spoken by approximately 310 million native speakers and more than 400 million speakers worldwide. The Arabic language is known for its uniqueness in terms of its calligraphic design, style of writing, and how it is written from right to left (RTL) unlike European languages. Arabic is an intensively rich language with a countless number of vocabulary which is continuously developing. It can be written in a classical form as its use in the Qur’an and literature, and there is another form mainly used in academia, government and business corporates, schools, workplace, and conferences, which is Modern Standard Arabic.

Our Process of translating from/into Arabic

The process of translating from/into Arabic requires having sufficient knowledge of the different dialects, registers, and mechanics of the Arabic language. Additionally, translating into Arabic requires cultural appropriation of the translated content, for linguistic ambiguities would hinder the flow of your business process.

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Located in Metropolitan Dubai, Translation Experts is originally specialized in providing high-quality & flawless English to Arabic (vice-versa) translation services that meet the market demands. Translation Experts also provides translation from Arabic into the major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. Our native-speaking linguists are backed up by sufficient expertise in the subject matter relevant to your business field. Upon finishing the translation phase, all translated documents are reviewed and proofread by our professional linguists as well as dedicated project managers in order to guarantee you a high-quality, culturally appropriated product. At Translation Experts, we save you the hassle of worrying about meeting your deadline or adhering to your desired cost.